EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE: Jeremy Clarkson & James May react to Chris Evans departure from Top Gear

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Word broke out last week that Matt LeBlanc wasn’t happy with his co-host Chris Evans. Matt described Chris as not just frustrating to film with, but uncomfortable to be around as he can be rude to crew members. There was even rumours that Chris would tell the audience off for not laughing at his jokes.. oooh…

Well as of this week, there is only one host. Yep, Matt’s ‘its me or him’ conundrum has paid off. Chris left the show just before the filming for the second season had started. He took to twitter to announced ”his” decision to step down.

This is all without mentioning the fact that Chris is currently going through sex abuse charges. Its all very up in the air at the moment, each media platform is saying different to the next. BBC2 have said they are keeping him on air for now, but it’s not clear whats going to go down. It’ll definitely depend on how the charges proceed.

Some vouch that the show wasn’t too bad, but the majority took to social media and directed their fuck off’s towards new host Chris.

Yeah they may have bagged 6.42 million viewers on their launch episode, but the numbers have dropped and dropped every week since. Although numbers of viewers rose this previous Sunday, the ratings are far but stable. Two weeks ago their Sunday episode hit a new low of just 2.34 million people. The last Top Gear episode to get such poor viewings was back in 200, an episode hosted by Jeremy Clarkson which raked in at just 2.36 million.

We got an EXCLUSIVE shot of Top Gear’s previous hosts Jeremy Clarkson and James May react to the news: