Doc Brown Cops Off In Anne Summers Drama

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Wimbledon and the Euros are taking over your life right? Or maybe you’re pissed off with sports and want to escape from sports? Just fuck off talking about Murray, alright?! Thanks Mum, appreciate it.

Well, ITV have created a hilarious, all guns blazing, comedy-drama. But that’s not even the best bit, starring in the show is none other than FUBAR Radio’s very own Doc Brown. The party poppers are out!

Doc Brown & Huw Joseph’s Tuesday Round Up

Set in the 1980’s, the show looks into how the lingerie masterminds behind Anne Summers got to where they are today. The eighties were the home to a second wave of sexual freedom following on from the sixties, and this comedy show captures four women amongst it all.

The main women behind Brief Encounters


Guys, don’t be disheartened! This empowering, exclusive look into the lives of four women isn’t just for the gals. It’s bouncy, fun and very well produced. And best of all, there’s utter filth involved. There was an

exclusive clip

watched by Channel Mum that showed them gob smacked when a fuck-off sized dildo was revealed on screen. It comes without saying that to film a programme based around Anne Summers will offer the occasional boob or rabbit.

Now back to our lovely Doc. He plays the part of PC Johnny Daniels who strikes up a friendship with one of the main girls. He spoke about his role and how he had doubts about taking on another police role, ‘’You don’t get involved with the emotions of the police characters. It’s a very black and white world, crimes are neatly solved at the end and you re-boot the following week.’’ He continued: ‘’But to take this role, there was a little moment when I thought, aww, another policeman. But, then as I read on, I thought, oh my God, this is a fully formed human being that I get to show.’’



FYI, Doc Brown also goes by the name of Ben Bailey Smith, his real name. So don’t get all confused.

The first episode of Brief Encounters aired last night on ITV1, 9pm. The series continues for the next 5 weeks.

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