Imagine If You Got Fired For Having Sex

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Just when you think women are on the road to equality..

In 2015, a young girl from Hull entered a national beauty pageant which meant she was eligible for Miss Great Britain. Much to her surprise, Zara Holland bagged herself the title and the lovely crown that went with it.

June just gone, Zara joined reality TV show Love Island and controversially had her Miss GB title removed as she slept with house mate Alex. Sex wasn’t shown on screen but the organisers of the pageant made their decision and they stuck to it.

Zara was completely devastated when she was told, her house mates swarmed around her as she cried and pleaded for forgiveness. The next week she left the show but for unrelated reasons.


Zara spoke to Fubar on Lizzy Cundy’s Access All Area’s Show on Thursday. She spoke about her time in the Love Island house; how she has learnt from her mistakes but this was definitely one of the best experiences of her life.

She continued by saying “I still have my crown, I don’t have to give it back!” Then added: “I was thinking I should maybe auction it or raffle it off for charity or something.”

Zara also spoke about how tasks pushed her confidence, as well as not being coupled up and being surrounded by people who were. She admits alcohol may have played a tiny part but it was more of a spur of the moment.

There is huge controversy over whether Zara should still have her crown or not. Having sex is normal for a 20 year old, it’s not as if she had sex with every male in the house. A bad attitude, sneaking around and multiple sexual partners is what seem understandable reasons to have her title revoked. However, casual sex with good intentions from a sweet girl should not meant she should be punished. Pageant winners are meant to be relatable, and this behaviour is what most believe is accurate representation of young women.

The Radio Times commented branding the decision ‘’totally hypocritical’’ and the show’s host Caroline Flack also took to twitter to express her feelings, which sparked even more conversation.


Zara talked about how the situation defiantly could have been handled better. Zara said ‘I felt like I was the last person in the world to know’ and how everybody was doing it, it’s just her who has been getting the shaming. Lizzy reassured Zara she is changing the face of pageants and to not stress as she’s definitely become the most well known Miss GB.

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