Boyband legend Abz Love slams his former 5ive bandmates

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This week on Access All Areas, 5ive’s Abz Love joined hosts Bobby Norris and Stephen Leng to talk about his new venture in supergroup Boyz On Block and how it’s much better than his days in 5ive.


Talking about his former band, the 41-year-old said: “My previous band [5ive]. I think they’ve got voodoo dolls of me and they’re like proper sticking pins in everything I’m doing.”


He continued: “They don’t love me man. But with these boys [Boyz on Block] I feel like it’s, you know, How it should have been. If I want to wear a floral shirt, no one is going, ‘Ay, we were all going to wear black. Why are you wearing that?’ And I think because we’ve all been through it or, speaking personally, from my behalf, where I’ve had it and lost it again. And getting this little touch of it like, I’m by no means a celebrity, or it’s by no means as big as it was. But it’s nice to have a little something and I appreciate it more this time around.”


When asked if he’s still in contact with any members of the band, Abz replied: “Just J. Just one of them. And the other three are out there like, milking it. And I’m like, ’fellas! Man, like it was legendary and you are just killing it lads, do you know what I mean? You ain’t got no energy when you are performing. I’m looking at you lot like, man!”


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