Batman Battling It Out With ‘Killer Clowns’

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FUBAR has been keeping you up with the Killer Clown craze which has swept the length of the UK, but the joke may be running slightly dry now.

Not only is the fad no longer entertaining – although arguably it never was – it has also turned extremely dangerous. There have been many reported incidents of weapons being pulled out on pedestrians and a striking increase in the number of vandalism reports made to local police.

The Telegraph noted that one police force in Britain had to deal with 14 clown-related incidents in just 24 hours. Police forces across the country have also warned that incidents are accelerating.

Who will save us from these morons? Batman of course!

That’s right. Someone from Cumbria is frequently dressing up as Batman to scare away clowns and help keep his neighbourhood safe. Our hero!

Here he is in action:


BBC Cumbria reported local company Cumbria Superheroes is behind the effort to rid the streets of clowns.

They have reassured that the costumed man is not a vigilante, but just trying to reassure local children who are scared of the ‘killer clowns’.


On Wednesday, Batman made a statement on Facebook via video, which reassured people not to be scared anymore. However, yesterday the nations new hero made a guest appearance on ITV’s This Morning, but he wasn’t taken as seriously as he’d have hoped.

Check it out for yourself:

How can we all take him seriously now?

One child however is taking him very seriously. A young person reportedly used his mother’s Facebook to say thank you to Batman: “This means I can go to school and not be scared, thank you for your efforts.”


Even if this post is not fully sincere, and even though the likes of Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield don’t take this guy seriously, it shows a positive direction in the killer clown phenomenon.

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