5 Worst TV Show Endings

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After the huge build up to the final ever episode of Broadchurch we couldn’t help feel deflated by the boring and anticlimactic ending.

However, it might not be the worst ending to a series ever as these shows are definitely in the running.

We’ll let you decide that one.

1. How I Met Your Mother

For an entire decade viewers were lead down all sorts of paths and theories behind who the fuck was the mother of Ted Mosby’s kids. Turns out it was just some random woman that had no ties to anything within the 9 seasons. Forget being controversial, this ending was just plain stupid, contradictory of the entire series and a let down for it’s devoted fans, whoever they are.


2. Two and a Half Men

As much as this series needed to end, it didn’t need to end THAT badly but it did. It was a terrible ending with a back from the dead appearance from Charlie (not actually Charlie Sheen) and just a poor attempt at ending something that had died long ago.


3. Dexter

Another one where the producers let the devoted fans down with a cop out ending, with many questions unanswered and no justice nor comeuppance or any direction apart from self exile left in store for the protagonist.


4. Lost

We thought the characters were lost but that was just how we felt at the end of the series. No questions answered, even more questions asked. Were they dead the whole time? Do we even care anymore?


5.Gossip Girl

There are so many plot holes in this series finale we don’t even know where to begin. When Dan Humphrey was revealed to be behind the online gossip site Gossip Girl, everyone had questions of a similar nature: what the fuck? Because of course it makes sense for someone to blast themselves for 6 years on a gossip site as well as posting about his 15 year old sister’s virginity & his own almost incest relationship.


After these, we don’t hold out much hope for the slow approaching finale of Game of Thrones…

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