Tim Peake’s going back to space ffs…

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The majority of people in Britain feel pride when Tim Peake is mentioned. He’s an astronaut, and he’s from Britain! How great is that?

However, a small minority have grown tired of seeing him tweet from space, and hearing about how he did a space walk or whatever. We get it Tim, you’re in space. Critics point out that he’s hardly doing groundbreaking scientific research, he’s only orbiting the Earth on the Space Station, hundreds of people have done that now.

In other words, he’s a fraud, and people on Twitter were quick to point this fact out when the news of his return to space broke this morning. But the sentiment that people are bored of Major Tim has actually been around for a while…

Fairly childish insults were being chucked around.

People got surprisingly angry.

He’s also going back to space fairly soon after getting back!

He’s not even a real astronaut!

He’s often compared to Pele.

Some people think the whole thing is faked.

But overall, people are just bored.

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