Married at First Sight UK’s Georges Berthonneau slams his co-stars Jordan Gayle and Luke Worley for having a “lack of class” and reveals he was almost involved with their on-screen fight.

Chatting to hosts Bobby Norris and Stephen Leng on the showbiz gossip programme Access All Areas, the reality star responded to being asked whether the feud between Jordan Gayle and Luke Worley was faked:  “Luke and [Jordan] do not get on. Unless they’ve spoken and said “every time we see each other we have to cuss each other and throw drinks at each other”. They went to an event recently and they threw drinks on each other. That’s quite embarrassing as an adult. For me, if you’re doing that it shows a real lack of class and a real lack of intelligence.”

He continued to reveal that he was almost involved in their physical brawl on the show: “I don’t think [the feud] was fake. How it actually went on the night was Luke got up and was told he had to go to hospital because he had a health condition. When he came back the dinner party had happened and Jay [Howard] asked what Luke actually said at the boys day the day before. And I told her, and Erica [Roberts] and Jordan agreed. Fast forward, I get told by the welfare team not to tell Luke that it was me, because he was asking me and I was told to leave the room. He actually wanted to confront me because I was two doors down from him, but they asked him to go down to Jordan first.”

Later in the interview, the Twitch streamer responded to being asked whether he believed people went on the show for followers and fame: “I would say 75% of the cast went on for exactly that. I’m being dead honest. I think way too many people went on it for the wrong reasons. I won’t give you names but I’ll give you names of who I know were there for the right reasons. I would say Thomas [Kriaras], Jay [Howard], Rozz [Darlington], Peggy [Rose], myself obviously. I would say they’re the only five. Everyone else, I really really do think they were there for the wrong reasons.”

Listen to the full episode, also featuring Andy Beynon, here.