Love Island star Zara Lackenby-Brown reveals who she believes is playing a game in the villa.

Chatting to hosts Bobby Norris and Stephen Leng on the showbiz gossip programme Access All Areas, the reality star spoke candidly about being surprised by some of the couples on the show: “I’ll be really honest with you. I was not expecting Kai [Fagan] and Olivia [Hawkins] to be together right now. When I lived in there they didn’t seem to have that kind of chemistry. They were in there from the start and Kai was into Tanyel [Revan] and Anna- May [Robey]. Liv was obviously into Tom [Clare], then it was Aaron [Waters], then it was Spencer [Wilks].” 

She continued: “Maybe they just kept crossing paths and suddenly they thought “Oh! You’re the one!” but it seems more like it’s convenient for now. Like who else is left?”   

Later in the interview, the 24-year-old told the hosts that she believes some people have not come on the show with pure intentions: “People that I think maybe come across not as genuine as the others: Ron. I hate to say it because we’re on good terms but maybe Olivia. Just because I question some of her actions and her motives behind why she moves the way she does. Maybe also the Aussies that came in because they’ve done it before. If you’ve done it once and it didn’t work out, why would you do it again? Unless it’s just for a career boost.” 

Zara went on to explain her relationship with co-star Olivia Hawkins: “I did leave on good terms with Olivia and I hope to stay that way because it wasn’t nice when we went in there and had tension. I think she really put him [Tom Clare] between me and her, I didn’t try to put him between us. I think she took a lot of my personal choices to heart, like the fact that I was pursuing things with him and he was reciprocating that energy with me. I think she took that to heart, as if I came in there with a personal vendetta against her. I’ve seen her have a little clash and tension with Tanyel. I’ve now seen her have a little thing with Samie.” 

The Love Island contestant also revealed that she almost went on rival reality show Too Hot to Handle: “I was scouted for that [Too Hot To Handle] too, but I ended up going on Love Island instead.” 

Listen to the full episode of Access All Areas, also featuring Olivia Attwood here.