Love Island’s Olivia Hawkins opens up about her online beef with fellow islander Tanyel Revan and her relationship with Maxwell Samuda since leaving the show.

Chatting to hosts Bobby Norris and Stephen Leng on the showbiz gossip programme Access All Areas, the reality star spoke candidly about who she believes is acting differently since leaving the villa: “For me personally, maybe Tanyel [Revan]. I thought we really got on in the villa. We had our ups and downs but when she left I thought we were good. I’ve been seeing a lot said on podcasts and things so I’d have to say Tanyel. I think she thinks that myself, Shaq [Muhammad] and Tanya [Manhenga] were the ones setting her up to leave but that absolutely was not the case. She had said multiple times that her and Jordan [Odofin] weren’t really more than friends and with Spencer [Wilks] as well.” 

She continued: “I guess she’s had the chance to meet with both of them on the outside and she hasn’t so that just says it all. I just think to put other girls down to boost your lie is just not on. We haven’t spoken. I saw her at the finale and I gave her a hug just to say hi but we haven’t really spoken.” 

Later in the interview, the ring-girl and actress responded to rumours that she had split up with her Love Island partner Maxwell Samuda: “We are absolutely fine. Even though I’ve been on the show, I am still a private person. I’m not the sort of person to upload every single thing that we’re doing. We went out for lunch the other day. He’s gone to Mexico. Probably not the best choice of trips. He booked it before the show. I quite like it, it’s healthy for us to have time apart. We’re good.” 

She continued: “I hope he’s on his best behaviour, I’m sure he will be. We still need to go on our first official date. We’ve been to McDonalds, KFC and Pizza Express. We need to do our nice dinner date out.”  

Olivia also reflected on the backlash she had from fans after being dumped from the show: “I did say those things, they did come out of my mouth. I own it. I said it, I meant it at the time, maybe I don’t mean it as much now but I did at the time. I hold my hands up. When I really think back, I really don’t think I did anything that bad. Yes, we all gossiped about each other, but I was just shown to be doing it more than others.” 

Listen to the full episode, also featuring Amy Anzel here.