Gladiators winner Finlay Anderson revealed he felt “hard done” by the lack of cash prize on the show, as well as revealing he broke his rib on one of the Gladiator’s heads.

Chatting to hosts Bobby Norris and Ellen Coughlan on the showbiz gossip programme Access All Areas, the Army major responded to being asked how he would feel if the next season of the show was given a cash prize: “Oh yeah, I’d be gutted. I can honestly say that I was never in it for the cash, everyone was in it for the fun experience. People reminded me, they were like, “In the 90s they used to win Jeeps and Land Rover’s.” I’m not going to lie, I feel a little hard done by.”

Later in the interview, Finlay revealed how he sustained an injury during filming that wasn’t discovered until after the show ended: I broke a rib in the quarterfinal landing on Legend’s head. They couldn’t see a break, so I thought I was just being a f***y basically. Through a combination of adrenaline and painkillers I got through the next two rounds. But yeah, I don’t recommend doing that. If you’ve got a broken rib, don’t enter.”

He also revealed the fitness competition show he would like to compete on next: “So it’s a bit niche and I don’t know if you’ve seen it crop up on your Netflix but there’s this show called Physical 100. It’s based in South Korea. I think that feels right up my street.”

He continued: I didn’t have any fear until I became a Dad. I’m now deployed in overseas operations where there is danger. Prior to now, I would never even have thought twice. But now, I’m suddenly very aware of my own safety. Not because of myself, but because of who depends on me.”

Listen to the full episode, also featuring Megan Bolton, here.