Vicky Pattison – “Write on the walls in my own poo”

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Speaking exclusively to FUBAR Radio’s Hot Gossip, former Geordie Shore star, Vicky Pattison revealed she would “love” to go down under and be a contestant on ITV1’s ‘I’m a Celebrity’.

“There’s always rumours, this time every year I’m hotly sort of anticipated to be swinging into the jungle and having sex in showers and all the rest of it but it hasn’t happened yet. I think I’m rumoured to go on it every single year, I’d love to do it, I’d love to do that but for now I’m just focusing on my business franchise and there’ll definitely be some Judge Geordie coming up so I am pretty busy.”

However it’s not just the jungle that Vicky is interested in visiting. Seeing the success of her Geordie Shore friends in Celebrity Big Brother has also given her food for thought. “Well a couple have been in I mean Charlotte [Crosby] absolutely smashed it and took the crown. I think she’s really likable, I think she’s a really nice girl. I always used to say in terms of Geordie Shore, Charlotte is the strawberry jam, everyone likes strawberry jam but I’m the marmite. I would never win it, I’d probably be entertaining but I’d lose my temper at some point and I don’t know, maybe write on the walls in my own poo, I really don’t think I’d cope in there.”

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