Patrick Kielty’s near death flight with Neil Armstrong

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Speaking exclusively to FUBAR Radio on the ‘Joey Page’ show, comedian Patrick Kielty told us how he nearly died after a dramatic helicopter ride with the first man on the Moon, Neil Armstrong.

The two had been at the same event one evening and Patrick struck up a friendship with the Astronaut. “I did this gig in Ireland and Neil Armstrong was the guest speaker and we took a chopper back to the airport together. This was about 10-15 years ago and there was a bit of storm coming in. Me and him got on quite well because I didn’t talk to him about the moon.”

As the journey progressed Patrick revealed it wasn’t just him who was fearing for his life. “This storm came in and hit the helicopter with lightning and the helicopter dropped off and Neil Armstrong stop speaking. You then realise this man survived re-entry to the earth in a can of beans. Then there is this terrible thought that goes through your head, you think to yourself if this goes out on the post tonight, I’m going to be ‘also onboard’.”

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