The Zombies chat exclusively to Joey Page

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Speaking exclusively to FUBAR Radio on the ‘Joey Page’ show, founding member of legendary rock group ‘The Zombies’, Rod Argent spoke on just how hard it is to gain airplay for their new material. Of course there was no such problem at FUBAR where presenters are free to choose what artists they like but Rod explained the struggle more mature artists have.

“It’s very difficult and really makes me tear my hair out. We’ve done a couple of radio things, you mentioned Radio 6 Music and Stuart Maconie premiered a track ‘Chasing the Past’ from the album. He got a terrific response from the listeners there were emails coming in saying this is fabulous. So I know if you can get the track played, people do react to it.”

“Plus the record industry has changed so much, in the old days being a record company was a licence to print money. Nowadays releasing an album is a way of selling a tour, rather than a tour selling an album.”

Rod revealed how the problems for getting new material played even extended to former Beatles stars. “Ringo Starr just made an album and it was a really good album and he said it’s a nightmare.  He said heritage stations say oh we’ll play your old stuff Ringo we love it but we only play old stuff and the stations that play modern day stuff say oh your a heritage artist, we don’t play heritage artists, so he says I never get the bloody thing played.”

The Zombies new album is released in October and if you would like to support the band head over their Pledge Music site:

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