Huw and Arnie try the ‘coregasm’ workout

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When ‘Friday Social’ presenter Huw Joseph picked up a copy of the Metro last week he was intrigued by one particular article. The postpaper had picked up on an ‘Orgasmic Workout’ on the Women’s Health magazine website, claiming to offer “ab exercises that will really hit the spot.”

AB Workout

Always one to try new things, the fun loving FUBAR host put these routines to the testbut as everyone knows you need a good gym buddy to work out with. So Huw enlisted the help of an A-list Hollywood star, the former Mayor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

So dedicated to his role, Huw managed to secretly record the one on one session with the Austrian powerhouse and the results, well listen above to find out why Arnold really has a smile on his face all the time.

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