The Jaack and Maates Show with Comedy Central & FUBAR

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Comedy Central has joined forces with FUBAR Radio and JaackMaate to create a visually intriguing and hilarious show.

The first brand new, fresh from the radio show factory, episode includes Facebook stars Aaron Crascall and Cian Twomey, and master impressionist Schaeffer Bates.

“Ever find yourself – undies on, Doritos at hand – binge-watching your favourite Vloggers and Vine stars for hours, wishing you could put them all in a room and let the hilarity-induced sparks fly?

Well luckily for you we’ve gone and teamed up with podcast dons Fubar Radio to bring you ‘The Jaack and Maates Show’ – where we gather together some of the biggest viral stars in the country with the sole intention of making them crack-up and squirm like never before, all hosted by YouTube maestro Jaack Maate.”

You can watch a sneak peak of the first episode of ‘The Jaack and Maates Show’ featuring Cian Twomey below. Intrigued by this viral fun-filled clip? Check out the full episode here.


Also remember to listen live to ‘The JaackMaate Show‘ every Friday between 1pm and 4pm at

Download the app for iOS and Android and listen live on the move or download the whole show later.