Rob of Abandoman: Met Ed Sheeran at a comedy show!

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Rob Broderick of Abandoman joined Harriet Rose on her FUBAR Thursday Drive show, not only to chat about his latest adventures, but also freestyle about the show. Wow! What??!!

On touring with Ed Sheeran: It was amazing. Ed and I are friends, we met at a comedy show. We freestyle’d together, then he became huge. We performed together in Brighton in 2011, it was a free show. If you think about it now, it’s crazy. Ed’s crowd is much younger, at comedy shows I’d be used to ask about work, so we had to change that. You watch Ed Sheeran, who’s gone to be huge. The calmness of the man. Never seems stressed.”

Here it is. Check out the video below to listen to Abandoman’s freestyle about Harriet Rose and her FUBAR show.

On his show Life and Rhymes: “It’s a freestyle hip hop comedy show. We’ve been touring for 6 years, creating songs based on people from the crowd. The whole audience creates all the people that we’ve met in in a fictional 25 year narrative. It’s like every music biopic, but all made up. Managers, fans, all key ingredients are in there; it shows the rise. The Kanye-esqueness in it. [It’s a] freestyle hip hop with fun narrative.

Check out the full interview with Rob from Abandoman below.

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