Jordan Rizzle – “I’d suck off Nigel Farage”

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Jordan Stephens, one half of hip hop group Rizzle Kicks joined Mikill Pane for the Friday Social last week.

The show coincided with National Kissing Day and Jordan wasn’t shy when sharing his choices of whom he would like to snog. But with his tongue firmly embedded in his cheek, it was inevitably going to end up pretty FUBAR.

“Lauren Goodger, from TOWIE that’s my first one, because she is really, really attractive and not a bitch. Secondly I’d kiss Spencer from Made in Chelsea, because he’s really, really good looking and not a twat. Third, I’d suck off Nigel Farage”. Struggling to keep it together, Mikill asked if Jordan could restrict his comments to just kissing, “What?! Sucking him off would lead to kissing, is that the way you do things?”. Jordan retorted with a political comment with which many might agree, “Yeah, because I think that he deserves a mouth full of his own dick!”

Needless to say, we can’t wait to have him back alongside Mikill.

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