BGT runner-up speaks out

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Speaking live and exclusively to FUBAR Radio’s Mark Dolan and Lizzie Cundy, Britain’s Got Talent runner up Jamie Raven shared his thoughts on the whole experience of taking part and on the scandal that has had many viewers outraged.

Industry watchdog OFCOM was said to be barking mad about the incident, that many are saying has robbed Jamie of the winner spot and a place on the Royal Variety Performance.

OFCOM has launched an investigation into whether Jules and Matisse, the winning stunt-dog act on Britain’s Got Talent, misled viewers by using a ringer pooch.

Nearly 2,000 people complained to OFCOM after it was revealed that border collie Chase and not Matisse performed a tightrope stunt that aired on ITV’s “BGT” finale.

But talking exclusively to FUBAR Radio, Jamie Raven said “It is what it is, that it’s a game show which the public vote and on that night they decided that Jules was more worthy and she won and fair play to her. The way I’ve always looked at it is the act is not the dog, the act is Jules. She’s the lady, she trains the dogs and obviously I am so sorry if anyone feels grieved by the fact that there was more than one [dog] and they weren’t aware of it at the time”. Matisse’s owner, Jules O’Dwyer, said later she used Chase because Matisse is scared of heights. Simon Cowell apparently said he “felt like a bit of an idiot” after learning of the ruse.

Jamie added “For me, she’s [Jules O’Dwyer] the star, obviously the dogs are brilliant but she’s the one that puts in the effort, she’s the one that did everything, so she won, she deserved it.”

Speaking of how BGT has raised his profile “It was an incredible experience to do and it’s enabled a wide audience to see what I do and at the moment …When I first did the audition he [Simon] said and I quote “I now actually believe in magic”. Well maybe some of that magic has worked Jamie a great career break. The magician, who was watched by 13 million people on ITV is to star alongside acts including Italian escapologist Andrew Basso, British mind reader Colin Cloud and American illusionist Kevin James in The Illusionists, a show which has sold out in 71 cities in 17 countries.

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