Jake Isaac: I want to replicate the vibe you get on stage

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The fantastically talented Jake Isaac chatted to Harriet Rose live in the studio, letting her play with his crutches. Erm what? He also gave us some insightful details about his latest single ‘Home’ and discussed the process it takes to perfect his debut album.

On his EP ‘Where We Belong’: “I think I feel like an amateur, that somehow people are gonna find out soon that I’m an amateur and it’s gonna go tits up. This new EP, it was a growth, I think I’d like to think it was a growth, pushing it bigger. Replicating the vibe you get on stage. It has also set a high standard for the upcoming album. Started writing for it. I want to make a calm album, an album my mum can buy and listen to. “

On his upcoming LP’s name: “I’m coming up with some ideas. I was thinking ‘Our Lives’. Everyone has experiences of love, life, hope, death and everything in between. I want to write songs that other people can own.”

You can check out the full interview below!

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