Club Drive: Exclusively reveal debut album name

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Aaron of Club Drive stopped by the FUBAR Headquarters to chat to Harriet Rose on her Thursday afternoon show about the band’s latest adventures, including headlining their first show. He also exclusive revealed to us the band’s debut album name!

On their first headline show: “It was absolutely nuts. It was insane. The whole build up to the week was absolute chaos. Everything that you can imagine that was going to go wrong went wrong. We were panicking. We got there, people started to fill in, and we’re doing out thing backstage. We came out expecting 200-300 people. It was 10 tickets from sell out. It was unbelievable. A lot went down.”

“Historically we’ve had a young fan base, primarily female. But we turned up, it was a massive mix, the first 3 rows were probably that, it was as if people got themselves in age order.”

On getting together as a band: “We used to be a different band, but pre that we were brought together. We were in different bands as teenagers. A national promoter that we knew brought us together. We clicked and it was working. More industry people got involved. And gave us a green light.”

You can check out the full interview below!

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