JaackMaate’s Twitter Battle with Ellie Goulding

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When FUBAR Radio’s very own JaackMaate tweeted his disdain for Ellie Goulding via a shortly shot video last night, he of all people could not expect the tidal wave of reaction that followed.

It all started after JaackMaate settled down for an evenings “entertainment” by watching the X Factor.

After being dismayed by the gangster side to Goulding’s new song, having been born in the notorious ghetto of Hereford, Jaack went onto further voice his opinion on the singers talents.

The videos somehow found there way to Ellie, who replied in fighting fashion, tweeting this out to her 5.5 million followers.Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 16.18.24

But always one to have the final one word in an argument Jaack couldn’t let it lie there. Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 16.18.56

So it still remains to be seen if Ellie will be joining Jaack and Tom for their Friday show on FUBAR Radio which you can hear between 4pm and 6pm by visiting www.fubarradio.com. Download the app for iOS and Android and listen live on the move or download the whole show later.