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When we heard the post at FUBAR Radio Towers that Busted were reuniting, no one batted an eyelid. However, a debate began when we read that the trio were getting back together not for the money but because they wanted to create new music.

Bullshit was immediately called even though returning star Charlie Simpson would tell you otherwise. “The people that know me know that’s not why I would do anything. Every decision I’ve made in my career has been musically driven that’s just the way I am.”

 To be fair to the band, they’ve made a number of timeless pop classics from ‘What I Go To School For’ and ‘Year 3000’ but for Charlie to announce – “We’re in the studio, we’re making new music, that was the catalyst. Pull the other one mate!

One of the main reasons he left the band back in 2005 was to create music he wanted to, introduce Fightstar, a rock band started by Simpson which never really took off. When that didn’t work he went solo, trying to jump on the bandwagon of an emerging Ed Sheeran & Ben Howard, again no real waves were made there.

 So now it’s November 2015 and we’re supposed to believe that Charlie has had a complete U-turn just because of his musical tastes – now you are well and truly BUSTED . We’ve all got bills to pay, so why not just enlighten us with some refreshing honesty, instead of spinning this fantasy of a musical harmony. If they win an Ivor Novello award – I’ll buy everyone in the office a copy of their new album myself.