At last Mikill Pane – Starts Again

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FUBAR Radio’s resident faux lawyer, rapper and radio host, Mikill Pane, has come out with a sick new track that you have to check out.

The song is called ‘Start Again’ and the music video released last week, which you can see below.

Memes, GIFS, pop culture references and iconic photographs carry the narrative of the lyrics in the music video, creating quite a fresh and engaging reflection of the song.

Start Again’ features rapper Giggs, one of the many collaborations Pane has done over his musical career – others include Doc Brown and Jordan Stephens all to come on his latest EP ‘Let MC See It’.

The new music doesn’t stop here.

Allana Verde, a talented new artist that Pane manages, has released a cover of the iconic ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’.

With a new name ‘G.I.R.L.S (Girls Involved in Real Life Shit’), the song is reinterpreted to suit Verde’s unique sound and invert the upbeat song to more of a meaningful but slower tune.

The music video is fantastic, and Pane was one of the directors for it, so of course you have to watch it.

If you want to hear more Mikill Pane, then listen to him on ‘Pane and Sylvester Inc.’, that airs Wednesdays 4-6pm, and ‘The Friday Social’ on Fridays 1-4pm, all on FUBAR Radio.

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