Ady Suleiman: Dropping my self-titled album this year

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The Friday Social boys’ Huw Joseph and special guest Reece Sanders chatted to Ady Suleiman about his upcoming album, shooting new music videos and touring Sweden.

On shooting two new music videos in South Africa: I’ve just came back from South Africa, Cape Town. I was shooting there my next two videos. It was wicked. It was amazing. Got a lot of the community involved. It’s surreal writing a song in your bedroom and 2 years later going [to South Africa] to shoot a video. I went with my own team. I worked with local people. I’m pretty hands on. When you write song, everything comes to you, you have a vision. It’s always going to be collaborative thing. The basis of the idea of this video started with myself, it gets expanded when you take it to the director.

On his upcoming album: “I have been finishing up the album. Dropping it this year. I’m going to self-title the album. I couldn’t come up with a name.”

On touring and festivals: “We’ve got festivals coming up, including Glastonbury, Parklife in Manchester. It’s going to be weird to be on the other side, I’ve been there as a fan before. Few smaller ones and hopefully few other ones as well. After summer, hopefully will go on tour in October.”

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