Things To Occupy Your Time While We Wait For Game of Thrones

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The world might as well be coming to an end.

The thing we have all held out for, looked forward to and waited to get us through this tough year of orange dictators, mass celebrity death and the b-word, it’s almost here.

Except it’s not. Not even close.

It’s almost April, which usually means one thing.


But this year that ain’t happening. No, we have to wait until… July.


We have to starve ourselves of the best thing in our lives for an extra 3 months.

So, we’ve come up with a list of things you can do to get yourself through this difficult time…

1. Hibernate in your Game of Thrones winter gear

2. Cry into your Game of Thrones special edition, signed, untouched DVD boxset

3. Only use Game of Thrones mugs, towels, notepads for the next three months

odor hodoe

4. Re-watch every episode with a close analysis

Followed by each episode of Thronecast and then watch all the episodes again with the director’s commentary, just for good measure.

5. Practice auditioning as a White Walker for the next series

Less of the killing though.

6. Read all of the books

Only joking, no one does that anymore.

7. Stalk the cast on social media

The have them report you on Twitter as you try and slide in to their DMs.

Whatever you do, just don’t pull a Rod Stewart…

rod stewart

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