There’s Going To Be A Friends Musical!

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Everyone stop what you’re doing.

A Friends musical is due to open later this year in NYC, off-Broadway.

Whilst it’s not officially affiliated with the sitcom or NBC, the musical is set to be inspired by and based on characters from the show and is probably the closest to a reunion you’re going to get.

We’ve picked out our favourite musical moments from Friends which we think would make one of the greatest musicals ever.

Smelly Cat

Everyone’s favourite from Pheobe’s back catalogue, this one would have to be saved for the encore.

The Sound

With Pheobe being the musical genius of the group we always forget about Ross’ music career. Well, he tried…

Joey Medley

With favourites like from his role in Freud, The Hand Twin Song & his audition celebration, how could this not happen?


Even Rachel had her musical moment & we hope this would get stage time for at least the pink frills!

Ross’ bagpipes

Another musical attempt from Ross. We never had high hopes for him.


In The Jungle

Every musical needs this kind of harmonising.

Naked Karaoke

Because who doesn’t want a little on stage nudity?

The One With The Inappropriate Song

We feel a classic musical duet in the making with this one.


The seasonal number

With a huge catalogue to pick from of Pheobe’s songs, this one would be a timeless musical tune every Christmas.

I’ll be there for you…

Who knew umbrellas and a sofa would be so iconic?



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