Noel Edmonds Has Launched a New Motivational Service For Pets

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He’s lost the plot, to say the least.

Since Noel Edmonds’ television baby Deal or No Deal was pulled from Channel 4, Noel seems to have lost his marbles. His new venture, which is free of charge, is a new motivational phone service for pets. You must simply fill in a form on his website and Noel will call and speak to your pet.

We’ve got an EXCLUSIVE clip of his first customer.

Noel published his reasoning behind the helpline on his website; ‘What would life be like without our feathered, furry, scaly friends? Well the answer is- pretty miserable. So I want to make these precious chums feel important and appreciated.’

Twitter went crazy, obviously, once it was dismissed as a joke.

Noel has a lot of time on his hands now. We can’t even imagine what’s next.

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