Most Awkward Moments From The Grammys & BAFTAs

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In anticipation of one of the biggest award nights of the year, tonight’s Grammys and BAFTASs, FUBAR looks back at some of the most cringeworthy and awkward moments from previous years at the prestigious ceremonies.

Stephen Fry “Bag Lady”

Steven Fry Tweet
STephen fry

Loyal host of the BAFTAs Stephen Fry slipped up last year when he referred to winner of Costume Design, Jenny Beaven, as a bag lady.

This led to another Twitter hiatus from Fry as he couldn’t handle the backlash he received from the entirety of social media.

Madonna being Madonna.


There are no surprises here.

Madonna just outraging the world as usual.

But even watching it through a screen we were thinking WHERE THE HELL DO WE LOOK?

It burns the eyes.

Kiss Cam – er, no.

There was that awkward moment where all celebs and actors had Stephen Fry’s Valentine’s Day kiss cam thrust upon them.

Except for real-life couple Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander.

Nope, that was not happening, so much so the BBC didn’t even air the awkward moment.

At least Dame Maggie Smith got some lovin’ from Leo.

Kanye lets Beck finish.

Shock horror, we know.

But everyone held their breath as Kanye West pretended to walk up on the stage as Beck accepted his award, bringing on a repeat of the infamous Swift/West incident.

Look at the confusion on Jay-Z’s face.


These GIFs provide us with all the awkward context we really need.

Clearly these acting-types did not enjoy the performance from Leicester’s finest, Kasabian.

Taylor Swift Dancing.

Yes, despite being one of the biggest popstars on the planet, Taylor Swift dances like an embarrassing middle-aged Dad.

It’s so awkward it is mesmerising.

We don’t think Pharrell appreciated it though.

Rebel Wilson’s Chocolate Craving.

rebel 1
rebel 2

When Rebel Wilson made this joke and everyone was wondering whether to laugh or not.

Idris himself found it hilarious, though.

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