Jahannah James opens up TeeJ’s eyes to what really goes in the girls’ club toilet

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Ever wondered what girls are really doing when they go to the toilet together? Are they taking over the planet or plotting to end all men? That’s what Jahannah James’ guest co-host TeeJ seems to think.

Arabella Neale, co-founder of female centric theatre company Siberian Lights, tells us all about DAMES, the bizarre play that’s set in a female club toilets. No longer will their secrets be shrouded in mystery.

Every girl can relate to this… tag your toilet buddy👭

Jahannah James & Siberian Lights co-founder Arabella Neale enlighten TeeJ World on what happens in the girls’ toilets, make sure to catch up on the show!

Posted by FUBAR Radio on Tuesday, 24 April 2018

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