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Another day, another Doctor.
On Peter Capaldi’s announcement that he’ll be leaving the BBC series, Doctor Who, at the end of the year FUBAR has some suggestions on who should become the new Doctor.

Danny Dyer


With rumours swirling around Dyer’s potential Eastenders exit and him wanting to show off other sides of his acting capabilities (still waiting to see the first side yet mate…), we wonder if The Doctor is his next calling?

‘Awwright geezer! The tardis is my gaff now.’

Brian Cox


An expert on time and space, we think Prof. Brian Cox would be perfect for this role.

He’s already hosted The Science of Doctor Who so he’s got that bit down, we figure he’ll be convincing enough as the nerdy scientist/Doctor.

Alan Sugar


This one would be interesting.

We’ve already seen Alan Sugar in a cameo appearance on the show but we’d fear for the Doctor’s assistant being under constant threat of being fired.

Gordon Ramsay


We know it’s a family show but we feel TV chef Gordon Ramsay could give the programme some edge.

Plus, The Doctor could do with some nutrition and food.

He’s been living off the food machine, fish fingers & custard for too long now, we’re sure Ramsay could make himself a slap-up meal.

And he has a unique way with words, just like The Doctor.

Noel Fielding


We know that The Doctor is a quirky character, cue bow-ties, a sonic screwdriver and a transporting police box.

But we still feel there’s room for improvement on that front and who else to add a bit more weirdness to the character but Noel Fielding?

Anne Widdecombe

ann widde

After her stint on Strictly Come Dancing she was referred to as a “Dalek in drag” and having already appeared in Doctor Who as herself endorsing Mr Saxon, the alias of the Master, Widdecombe would be a good curveball in replacing The Doctor, maybe even using the Dalek in drag look to her advantage.

Ross Kemp


Whilst intelligent and quick witted, The Doctor has always lacked a ‘tough guy’ element but ‘Ross Kemp On Cybermen’ has a nice ring to it don’t you think? We reckon he’ll definitely sort out those Daleks.

Characters of The Catherine Tate Show


We loved Catherine Tate as David Tennant’s assistant but we think in the current state of the world we need more comic relief than ever.

We saw David Tennant enter the world of The Catherine Tate Show for a Comic Relief sketch and between Nan and mouthy Lauren Cooper we’re sure they’d be enough to combat any enemies and shake things up a little on the TARDIS.

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