When Will It Stop? #LDNTechWeek

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As its #LDNTechWeek we’ve been thinking about the wonderful world of tech and how it will change over the next few decades.

At the moment we don’t travel in flying cars nor do we live under water – nice one Busted – and we don’t even have robots that do our cleaning for us. Although we have made amazing advancements such as the Apple watch, drones and driverless cars. But that’s where it stops, for now.

The Imperial College London’s Tech Foresight research team have used the British public to predict what our relationship with tech will be like by 2036. The team asked 2,000 Britons how they think their life will be transformed. The guesstimates are a lot more feasible than hover cars, but how realistic are they?

Over 50% of those who were surveyed believe people will regularly wear internet connected clothes, while 53% think that 3D printing will be used to produce human organs.

More than half of the public also believe that driverless cars will exceed the number of regular cars on major roads in the next two decades.

A fewer percentage thought that the first cloned human will have happened by 2036 or that avatars will have replaced a real life boyfriend or girlfriend in a lot of relationships.

The latter are less likely to happen. But it’s even hard to believe that the majority of cars are to be driverless. There are 7,500 people that sleep rough in London alone every year. There are even more people who earn under £10,000 a year. It’s hard to believe that in 20 years driverless cars will become so cheap and accessible. Uber would be screwed. That is unless they are quick to get on the new hype. However, what would happen if a drunk person throws up in the car? Or people start getting it on in the back seat? Something to think about…

The global market for drones is valued at around $2 billion today and is set to replace up to $127 billion worth of business services and human labour over the next four years. Drones to deliver pizza is something that almost seems like a waste. Fashion, healthcare and finance were listed among the industries that could be transformed in the next 20 years. Drones could definitely be developed and used within healthcare and other similar sectors. It’s a huge worry that as technology advances, so much time and effort is going to be put into developing consumerism and leisure habits rather than focussing on more important areas of society. People are just going to get even lazier. I mean, what’s next? A talking toilet that wipes your arse?


3D printing organs are a definite must and physical cash being replaced by digital payment is definitely on the horizon. Yet we should defiantly hold off on the cloning however, just for the sake of all our friends having two arms not ten. The research carried out by The Imperial College London’s Tech Foresight research team is also based on what people think is going to happen, and that’s where it stops. There is tons of research to prove things are moving the way people suggest, such as a former CEO of McDonalds warning workers that robots are to take over the fast food industry.  However, it’s hard to tell where we will be in 20 years.

It’s realistic to say that advanced technology taking over almost every element of our lives, even porn. But although tech is developing at a faster rate than ever, is it going to be as ready available as we think?

Hold on to your jobs everyone, this is some Charlie and the Chocolate Factory shit.