The Good, Bad & Ugly of The EU Referendum

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It’s just two days until June 23rd, two days to decide the fate of the EU. Dramatic right? A lot like the campaigning that’s been going on.

People from all paths of life have been publicly voicing who they’re voting for. From socialite Alexa Chung to international football hero David Beckham, everybody has been having their say. Television and radio has been focusing on nothing else, and to be honest, there’s been some terrible campaigning going on. The Leave.EU campaign managed to offend everyone right after the Orlando massacre (read about it here) and Joey Essex managed to chat shit for eight whole minutes on Sky News.

We’ve picked the best and worst Brexit related posts that have been trending over the past few weeks. A great opportunity to laugh at the Out supporters really.

Let’s kick it all off with arguably the most painful-to-watch Brexit propaganda. Hats off for the idea to, probably forcing, Made In Chelsea stars use their status to persuade younger voters to have their say, but that’s where the positives stops. The advert is blatantly meant to be over the top, but it is a new level of cringe. Referring to the EU as one big orgy is all kinds of wrong.

Then there’s the amazing comedian and host of The Last Leg Adam Hills, someone who is always on the ball. Comparing Brexit to a relationship and to Tinder is simply genius. The Last Leg is highly recommended if you’re a little lost in the whirlwind of propaganda.

The unbiased ‘5 Seconds’ campaign is probably the best propaganda to spur people to vote. It used celebrities such as Keira Knightly, Lily Cole and Dominic Cooper to explain how quick and simple it is to vote. Similarly, #DontFuckWithMyFuture is as effective by getting funny man and rapper Big Narstie on board.

Nigel Farage’s horrifically offensive Leave.EU poster targeted immigration as the source of Britain’s problems had to be taken down. Complaints and criticism flooded social media, and rightly so. The poster even blatantly mimicked a Nazi propaganda film which is also what makes this all completely outrageous.


Prime Minister David Cameron was roasted on Question Time this Sunday, even by host David Dimbleby. However, betweenfighting off the audience and defending himself, he made some very good points about the referendum. Facebookers out their feelings for Cameron aside and awkwardly shared the videos to spread Remain propaganda. Although not one video was shared without the caption reading ‘I hate Dave Cam but..’ and ‘I can’t believe I agree with him on something..’ in various forms.

Nigel Farage’s Thames boat flotilla was crashed by Bob Geldof and a fleet of Remain campaigners. Farage was completely out of his depth and took abuse from Geldof as they bickered with each other, shouting between boats. Not only was it hilarious, but Geldof completely showed Nigel up by stating the facts: “Here are the facts about fishing. One, Britain makes more money than any other country in Europe from fishing. Two, Britain has the second largest quota for fish in Europe after Denmark. Three, Britain has the third largest landings. Four, you are no fisherman’s friend.’’

Buzzfeed did some super funny coverage of the event. Check it out here.


And then there’s the good ol’ parody album ‘NOW! That’s What I Call Brexit’. Something to spice up your newsfeed. Arguably, these people have too much time on their hands. But you can’t admit it’s not genius.