01 February 2017

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TWITTER REACTS: Transfer Deadline Day…

Whether you’re a fan of the January Transfer Window or not, it certainly brings out the best of Twitter. From lookalikes to ridiculous rumours and terrible puns, people are always willing to embrace the lighter side of the transfer window.

22 August 2016

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Liverpool Didn’t Have A Good Weekend

This weekend was jam-fucking-packed with Premier League football. And yes, that fucking did need to be there.

16 August 2016

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Our Faith In Moreno Flushed Away With His Dignity

Alberto Moreno really showed himself up during the Liverpool v Arsenal game on the weekend. Moreno pretty much proved himself useless to the team. The final score saw Liverpool win 4-3, but all fingers point to Moreno when it came to the 3 goals that Arsenal bagged.