The Real Reason England Lost Last Night

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Chances are, you know the result of last night’s England match. But in case you aren’t quite sure, here’s the low down. Tissues at the ready.

Last night, England were embarrassingly knocked out of the Euros. They lost 2-1 to Iceland at the Allianz Riviera in Nice in a match which ex-England striker Gary Lineker described as ‘’the worst defeat in our history.’’ Ouch!

Immediately after, Roy Hodgson resigned from his position as the England team’s manager. He has been in charge since 2012, but this embarrassing boot out of the competition saw a personal defeat as well as a team one.

Olympic bronze medallist Anthony Ogogo was one of many England supporters to be harsh on the players and straight to the point.


Others were a little nicer, but their heart break shone through.

Yet nothing compares to the hilarious rant that comedian and radio DJ Danny Baker threw at us on Twitter. Get ready, this is going to get brutal.



That’s not anywhere near the full rant! Danny viciously argued for a whole HOUR. Yep, a whole 60 mins of consecutive belittling of the England team. We highly recommend you head to his Twitter and indulge fully in his pain.

Iceland has a population of just 323,002 and are the smallest country to compete in the Euros. An incredible 8% of their population turned up to support their team in France. That’s around 27,000 fans! All this is just too easy for football fans to make a joke of. Gary Lineker even threw shade at his former team by tweeting ”England beaten by a country with more volcanoes than professional footballers. Well played Iceland.” Gary isn’t taking any prisoners as it seems. Of course it wasn’t long before the Brexit themed jokes made it onto our feeds.


But is it really all a joke?

Ian Herbert wrote for The Guardian saying that as one of the eldest members of the team Joe Hart should have been “all guns blazing with hope and confidence”, rather than ‘’doing his Neanderthal beating-the-chest routine’’ before kick-off and leaving it at that. To Herbert, this is the main reason for dysfunction within the team. He regards Hart as ‘’too wealthy, too famous, too much ego’’ which is the opposite of what players who look up to him need as an example. It sounds pretty accurate, right?

Surely the wealth of the Premier League may no longer be seen as an advantage. Money and status isn’t what football should be about, but it’s defiantly what it’s become over the past decade. This is a real wake up call for the team.

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