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Only us Brits could come up with naming a storm (turned weather bomb) fucking ‘Doris’.

This is a Doris.


We all know us Brits struggle to cope with even the slightest change in weather, but apparently even something we’re used to such as wind and rain sends in to complete chaos.

Here’s what Twitter is saying on the subject….

This person clearly had enough of Doris.

These Brits unfazed by D.

Truthful advice for the UK.

At least some people see the bright side.

Relating to this hard.

Doris fucking up people’s days to extreme levels.

But not fucking up people’s lives as much as this guy.

Even the dogs have had enough.

Cats don’t even have the balls to face Doris.

Wouldn’t be British if we didn’t stick a Corrie pun in there.

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