Calum McSwiggan

YouTube sensation Calum McSwiggan and fellow social star guests talk everything sex, LGBT+, the outrageous and downright inappropriate!

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Calum McSwiggan without the censorship! YAY! :D


I have been a fan of your YouTube for a while and in your recent video, you mentioned about your radio show, I immediately followed the link and started listening and I cannot stop! Love this so much!

Love itttt


I’ve been binging the episodes of this for a week or so now, after being a fan of Calum on YouTube for a few months. Literally cannot stop laughing and I love the openness there is when serious topics are discussed. Thanks for the amazing work!

Celebration of LGBT+ talent


A celebration of all things LGBT+, a wonderfully diverse range of guests and the fact the show only plays music from LGBT+ artists is a very nice touch

Authentic and refreshing


Of all the shows I've listened to on Fubar (or any similar station), Calum's is the best without a doubt. He's so down to earth and real on air, unlike so many other DJs nowadays. Definitely check out this podcast! My favourite episode was the recent one with Doug Armstrong, they gel so well together. They should so do a joint show together, you could take allll my money!



“Calum’s show is the queer fix I needed as a teenage radio-nerd who felt unrepresented. From the LGBTQ+ music he chooses to the frank and funny talk around sex and relationships – It’s a rich melting pot of what is lacking in mainstream broadcasting.” – Riyadh Khalaf

“Giving relationships advice with Calum was one of the funniest experiences, ‘specially since we vastly differed!” – Jessica Kellgren-Fozard

YouTuber Calum McSwiggan explores everything sex, LGBT+, the outrageous and downright inappropriate! The world’s top drag queens, the UK’s most passionate activists and the funniest names around join Calum each week to discuss everything from trending topics and the porn industry to fetishes and queer representation in the media. Regular features include reacting to listeners sex confessions and some naughty games for good measure.



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