Episode 20 – Lucy Moon & more

First Broadcast: 28th December 2016


Episode 20 - Lucy Moon, Grace Victory, Rose, Rosie, Riyadh Khalaf, Calum McSwiggan, Jerrie, Dodie Clark, Lia Hatz, Sammy Paul download

The Hannah Witton Show

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Lucy Moon joined Hannah for a game of Innuendo Inuuendont. Grace Victory was on board for a hilarious game of The Fuck You Sayin’ Mate? Rose and Rosie joined Hannah to look deep into their Twitter drafts and discover what a ‘Canadian submarine’ is. Riyadh Khalaf came in for some hilarious songs about sex. Calum and Jerrie came into play a German version of Innuedo Innuendont. Dodie Clark and Lia Hatz stopped by to play Shitter Twitter and Sammy Paul joined Hannah for some Drunk Advice.