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Speaking EXCLUSIVELY to FUBAR Radio international singer, songwriter and rapper M.I.A discussed the global revolution of artists leaving labels and signing to brands, in order to maintain their creative freedom.

Chatting to Harriet Rose about her new album ‘AIM’ , Maya confessed how she may as well ”sign to Walkers crisps or Sainsburys” as she doesn’t see the benefit in being signed to a label of which has a pre-set agenda. In her opinion, a hard driven agenda is completely unavoidable no matter what the label.


Maya explained that social media is a great way for her to connect with fans and something she’s been doing since day one even if it is controversial, stating ”I can say what the fuck I want at this point, you know.” Maya highlighted her need to speak out about social and political issues by commenting on Brexit. She also remarked how iPhone 7 wireless headphones are to put headscarfs in jeopardy as they are easily disguised, something that worries her.

Little did Maya know that we had a surprise for her. Singer, producer and friend Blaqstarr rang in to chat to Harriet and Maya about working so closely on AIM. He proclaimed working on the album the ”biggest and greatest” moment of his life and how Maya took him to Jamaica for the first time.

Here’s the full interview:

Listen back to the FULL interview with M.I.A here.

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