Kylie Jenner Is Getting Her Own Reality Show

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You may have heard that reality-star Kylie Jenner is spreading her wings into a new venture for herself… a reality show.

No stranger to the format, Kylie Jenner is set to launch her own reality show, away from her family focused show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, thoughtfully titled Life of Kylie.

We have some thoughts about what you can probably expect to see when it airs this summer…

Feature Length Snapchat Story

Kylie is more than familiar with a selfie, especially on Snapchat and so we could imagine this project is going to be more ‘watch Kylie watch herself on her Snapchat’ and then watch it again on her story.


No matter how much they profess she is a normal 19-year old, her abundance of cars and LA mansion strongly dispute this. 15 minutes of the show is probably going to be Kylie choosing which of her cars to drive that day for her to come to the conclusion she should just go buy another one.

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It almost seems like Kylie can be credited for inventing lips. We wonder if the show will follow her trips to the lip filler clinic?

Mirror time

We feel sorry for those editors who will have to trawl through the hours of footage of Kylie studying her own reflection before getting to anything they can actually use.

Obsessed with my @fashionnova set ?Get it at ? #ad

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Maybe Kylie will introduce the world to her BFF? Her cosmetic surgeon.


Not Famous

Remember that time she confessed she wasn’t meant to be famous and hated the experience of it? Naturally, a solo reality show is the next step to going incognito so we think she might have changed her opinion on this one, we’re sure to find out.

Behind the scenes

We expect to see her writing all those novels her and Kendall keep releasing and her thought process behind it without a ghost writer in sight.


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