Kim Kardashian’s Stupidest Tweets

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Just when you thought Kim Kardashian couldn’t let the human race down any more, she tweets this…

Whilst it’s not the worst thing she’s ever done, suggesting having an illness is the best way to lose weight to her 51.1m impressionable followers is not the smartest of ideas.

Of course, we have taken this chance to look at the best (stupidest) tweets Kim Kardashian has ever produced.

Well we finally got to the bottom of what her talents are

Remember when she started to believe in chiropractors?

This realisation of hers

Wouldn’t we all be happier if she never figured out how to use technology?

On her way to becoming a culinary genius

Accents clearly really confuse her

Do you think she even understood this?

We’re with her on this one though


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