FUBAR’S Top 10 Worst Met Gala Looks

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It’s one of the most talked about fashion events of the year and this year is no exception.

With this year’s theme being Art of the In-Between it would be expected there’d be some out-there looks.

Celebs flocked from their luxurious homes to put on display the most creative and unimaginable (there’s a reason for that), frocks ever.

Take a look at FUBAR’s top 10 worst dressed:

10. Priyank Chopra

Looks like she’s getting ready to flash Hollywood.


9.Rita Ora

Is she giving herself to someone for Christmas or just had some spare ribbon lying around?


8. Wiz Khalifa

The tux is great it’s just a shame he shrunk it in the wash beforehand.


7. Lena Dunham

Not sure the dress was actually finished before she put it on…


6. Clare Danes

Did she realise she was being TP’d before she stepped outside?


5. Jaden Smith

Why? Just why?

jaden smith

4. Rihanna

Did someone glue her before the giant confetti went off?


3. Thandie Newton

There are so many things wrong here.



We wish that camouflage actually worked and that we couldn’t see her.


1. Katy Perry

A whole lot of confusion with this disaster.


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