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Today is World Book Day, a day where literary greats are celebrated. From Roald Dahl, J K Rowling, Charles Dickens and Jane Austen to Cheryl Cole and Joey Essex.

Ok, so there may have been an error or two in those lists but we think as much as people love reading about celebrities lives, do we really want to read about celebrity’s lives written by the celebrity themselves? Probably not.

Aside from there being very little sense within the book, we doubt celebrities would tell us the whole truth.

We’ve decided to mend this and have come up with alternative titles that are perhaps a bit more honest…

Cheryl: My Story Of How To Pretend You’re Not A Racist By Marriage


Even she must’ve thought of this one as she said ‘I Do’.

Justin Bieber: First Step 2 a DUI and Pissing People Off


Hardly deniable really.

Destiny’s Child: Sole Survivor

Destiny child

Let’s face it, it’s just the story of Beyonce’s uprising.

Kardashian Not-So-Konfidential

Kardashian Kon

From gaining fame through a sex tape, having the narratives of their lives shown on reality TV and using every platform of social media to sell themselves 24/7, what could there POSSIBLY be that is left confidential about these people?

Confessions Of A Has-Been

parios hilton

BFF Kim K stole her crown and where is she now?

Junior: Just The Way Uncle MJ Likes It

macaulay culin

Are we sure Macaulay Culkin thought this one through?

The Truth About Sponging Off Dad

nicoel richie

Also applicable to ex-BFF Paris Hilton.

Learning To Mime


And not doing a very good job if we’re honest.

Pee, Pee, Pee


Is Charlotte Crosby really good for anything other than pissing herself when absolutely smashed on reality TV?

Being An Idiot

joey essex

‘Being Reem’ equally suggests this.


kim k

She made a book of her own selfies, need we say any more?

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