FUBAR’s Favourite GIFs Of Super Bowl Halftime Show Moments

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Lady Gaga put on an intense and production filled show at this year’s Super Bowl halftime show, which as always provided the internet with lots to talk about.

FUBAR has listed it’s top five Super Bowl Halftime Show moments through the medium of GIFs, featuring some of the classic moments that will be hard to ever forget.

1. Lady Gaga – The Jump


This year’s most popular moment was instant meme gold.

2. Michael Jackson – Freeze Frame


When the King of Pop dramatically took to the Super Bowl halftime show stage, he froze.

For 90 seconds.

He stood still and did nothing.

And yet he still managed to out-perform the majority of the entire human race.

3. Coldplay – Inner Circle Exclusion


Coldplay are like Marmite at the best of times.

But the kind gents they are, they invited pals Bruno Mars and Beyonce to share 2016’s Super Bowl stage with them.

They probably regret that though.

Aside from it being overly awkward to watch as Mars and Beyonce essentially elbowed them out of their inner circle, they completely stole the show from the band to the point that it’s unsure whether actually they performed or not.

4. Beyonce – Back Up Dancers (Destiny’s Child)


Queen B’s Super Bowl performance was always going to be one that we would never forget but we’re thinking her Destiny’s Child pals would probably like to.

Never the star of the show, Michelle Williams was even less so when Beyonce invited her and Kelly Rowland on stage for a mini Destiny’s Child reunion.

Clearly struggling to keep up with the perfected performance from Beyonce, it also appeared someone had cut her mic to save the mass audience from hearing her squeal next to The Chosen One.

5. Bruce Springsteen – Crotch Attack


The GIF itself says it all.

This headline hit the papers the next day: “America Attacked by Bruce Springsteen’s Crotch”

We’ll take that any day over being attacked by a toupee wearing wotsit.

6. Janet Jackson – Nipplegate

The moment the Super Bowl will never, ever forget.

Although she seemed prepared for the incident with her bejewelled nipples, Janet Jackson’s face screamed wardrobe malfunction.

Although Jackson’s career was overshadowed by this historic moment, it did spur on Steve Chen and Chad Hurley to create a little known website called YouTube so no one ever had to miss a moment like this again.

7. Katy Perry – Left Shark


And lastly, a classic GIF that overshadowed (not that it would be hard) the whole of Katy Perry’s performance.

The Left Shark.

A moment from the history books that’ll always be relevant.

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