Celebrity Magician Magical Bones Explains How He Met Pop Queen Madonna

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Joining Nick Helm and Nathaniel Metcalfe’s Fan Club on Friday’s episode was bboy and celebrity magician Magical Bones! 

Former Britain’s Got Talent contestant chatted with Nick and Nathaniel about his first encounter with the queen of pop Madonna.

He explained how he met her and how she hires her dancers. According to the celebrity breakdancer, two of Madonna’s trusted performers “ would organise these sort of dance events for her, just in these underground clubs”. The illusionist admitted that his story “really sounds like a movie but it’s not.”



Magical Bones described Madonna by saying: “She’s very sociable and she will talk to you and stuff. But then, at the same time, there is this sort of army of people around her, just sort of protecting her and stuff.”

Listen to the full chat with Magical Bones from last week’s Fan Club here.



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