Will America Play The Trump Card?

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Britain has been completely absorbed within the mayhem of Brexit over the past month or two. So much so, that there has been a significant decrease of Donald Trump memes and chatter. To take your mind off the tension from the divided country we are currently enveloped, we’re going to give you a recap of what’s been going on in American politics.

We may have it bad, but at least we don’t have Trump.

So similar to the political situation in the UK, it’s very hard to see who’s going to win the US election. A recent poll carried out by Quinnipiac University showed Hilary Clinton to be the more popular candidate, but by a very slim margin. The poll revealed that Hilary won the high school-esque popularity contest having bagged 42% of voters with Trump on her tail at 40%. This means between there being such little difference in numbers, plus the natural inaccuracy of polls, it’s pretty much impossible to know who’s actually going to become the next US President.

Nothing shocking has come from the recent global polls that have been carried out. They stress the rise in hatred and prejudice in the US since the 2016 election. 67% blame Trump’s campaign. As we said, nothing shocking here. Between Trump being hassled during a trip to Scotland and him giving a speech in which he promises to ban all Muslims entering the US border, points to all things negative. The idea that someone from the UK tried to assassinate Trump during a rally shows the uproar one man can cause to the rest of the world. There has been speculation that the very young Michael Sandford who tried to commit the murder may have mental health issues. This makes the case very interesting. Never-the-less, Trump is pretty much on the wanted posters in everybody’s imagination.




This is a first for the majority of voters in America who are struggling who to choose; which candidate is the least harmful? With Hilary’s years of bad rep and Trump’s constant full-speed-ahead train of racism, it’s a tough choice, aye?

It’s worth mentioning that current US president Barack Obama is backing Hilary Clinton. Obama published a video to YouTube in support of Hilary, justifying his decision with the contributions she had made to the government whilst Secretary of State. The video is very convincing. Check out the full speech


Time to rest your brain. Forget about those two, what’s Bernie up to we hear you ask? Well since Bernie Saunders got around 46% of the votes during the Democratic Primary therefore on the committee he bagged himself 5 representatives. These committee members give him the opportunity to put ideas forward to Clinton in hope she will proceed with the ideas. We stress the word hope though, because so far all Clinton has been doing is shaking her head and sending Bernie away. His anti-fracking policies and attempts to combat global warming evidently isn’t the top of Hilary’s list. How frustrating!

Politics in the US differs largely from ours in the UK. However, it’s still very interesting to us and there’s no doubt in saying we have a right to be interested. The outcome is going to affect us. America is a super-power which has both the strength and relationships which could stir the whole world up.

Will it relate to Brexit in the way that we don’t know if what the people within politics say, is actually going to happen or not? Some say if Trump gets in then he won’t even have the power to do all the absurd things he shouts about due to Congress, who he has to get through first. All those supporting Obama state this is the reason some of his ambitions have been stunted, although admittedly for different reasons. What goes on in that White House of theirs we will never know.

Whichever way this election goes, it’s going to go down in history. Yes Hilary may be the first woman president, but Donald Trump may be the first Jewish man, the first non-Christian. This is something that’s often forgotten. The 2016 election will be significant for these reasons, never mind the fact that both candidates are causing such an uproar with their motives.

Make the right decision America!

We might have blown ours, but you still have your chance.

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