Theresa May Take Away Your Rights

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Theresa May is turning heads with her decision to abolish the Human Rights Act.

She has called upon the decision by stating  ”we can protect human rights ourselves in a way that doesn’t jeopardise national security or bind the hands of parliament.”

The Human Rights Act is to be replaced by the ”British Bill of Rights” which means “we can escape what has become a de facto European constitutional court.

Nick Timothy, currently the Prime Minister’s joint chief of staff, noted that ”the UK should withdraw from the European Convention and the jurisdiction of the Court in Strasbourg.”

Still with us? Good.

This is definitely an outcome of Brexit but jail reformation is a plus to this controversial decision.

Whatever happens, it all sounds slightly more worrying than it actually is. We think.

The Tory Government are doing what they think it right. Even if the country doesn’t quite agree..

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