Theresa May Found the Magic Money Tree

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The tree is worth £1.5 billion and only blooms for Theresa.

Just this month, an NHS nurse asked Theresa May why she had not received a pay raise in eight years.

May responded that “I’m being honest with you in terms of saying that we will put more money into the NHS, but there isn’t a magic money tree that we can shake that suddenly provides for everything that people want.”

Yet Theresa May went on to make a 1.5 billion deal with the DUP, leading to criticism over her spending choices.

What else could we spend £1.5 billion on? FUBAR has some ideas, below:

There are plenty of other things we can spend the DUP's £1.5bn on…💷💷

Posted by FUBAR Radio on Wednesday, June 28, 2017

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