The World Isn’t As Bleak As It Seems

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The world really does seem bleak at the moment, and we’ve got the mainstream news agencies to thank for that.

With headlines about murders, scandals, more murders and frustrating politics, there isn’t a lot to lift people’s spirits. However, FUBAR wants to bring a little sunshine to your wet, winter days.

Poverty is in rapid decline.

To start on a really high note, for the first time ever, research has shown that less than 10% live in extreme poverty. Extreme poverty – defined by the World Bank as living under $1.90 a day – has declined substantially since 1990. This statistic is set to drop as the years go on due to Asian capitals feeding money to the area’s that need it the most, and due to charitable organisations.




We live longer!

Us humans are greeting our 80th birthday with open arms. This is not just due to accessibility to food or the fact we’ve realised lobs of butter and cigarettes are not daily essentials. The world of medicine has expanded from vaccinations and repelling germs, to managing chronic diseases. We now have the medicine and technology to treat cancer, HIV and so much more. And better yet, we’re still progressing and targeting more diseases!

 The world has never been so peaceful.

Believe it or not, there is less death, terrorism and destruction than ever before. President Obama addressed this perfectly saying: ”The world has never been less violent, healthier, better educated, more tolerant and more connected.”

The last words are the most vital. We are more connected through media than ever before. Major world powers have not been at war in more than half a century. However, we see the things we couldn’t once see. There may be wars, terror and mass suffering, but in the past there was much more. We simply didn’t have the power to find out about them.

More democracy than ever.

Right now, politics seems the most frustrating it’s ever been. Whilst we can’t defend the current foolishness from the most of the world’s major powers, statistics tell us of positives! Democracy may have its flaws, but it’s arguably the best government system for allowing citizens to have their say.



This graph is taken from an uplifting video posted recently by UK based online news publisher, Zinc. An example how to positively reflect what’s going on in the world.


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