Oh, Only UKIP Being Majorly Insensitive Again.

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The UK Independence Party’s youngest members are trying to ‘make Britain great again’ by stealing someone else’s slogan.

UKIP’s youth wing, also known as Young Independence or Hitler Youth, have taken Donald Trump’s campaign motto and added it to some horrendous looking hats! We know what we are [definitely not] putting on our Christmas lists!

Of course Farage has already been seen in one.

UKIP's youth wing launches 'Make Britain Great Again' hat for price of £9.11 credit: jackrenoir/Ebay

What’s offensive we hear you ask? Well, minus the horrible looking caps, they are priced at £9.11.
They took to Twitter to announce the special offer in ‘recognition of monumental events in the US’. Well, yeah 9/11 was more than monumental. Nail on the head there…

Chairman of Young Independence, James Ross McKenzie claims the price was marking the date of Donald Trump’s victory. The price was originally £8.11 but had to rise to £9.11 for financial reasons.

‘’We were obviously thinking in British date orthography and were originally going to make them £8.11, for the date of the election.

“However, this wasn’t financially viable, as we took a small loss on each hat sold. So we landed on £9.11, the British date format for the 9th November, the day of the result.’’


Even though the price was set to commemorate Donald Trump becoming the next US President and despite looking identical to Trump’s hats, the Young Independence claim they were not created with the intention of endorsing Trump. We didn’t think that anyway…

SOMEHOW, the group did not see the connection to the destruction of the twin towers. McKenzie has since formally apologised for the offence caused.

What’s also astounding is that the hats were originally priced higher.

If you’ve cottoned on to the fact that this was ‘a special offer’, you’d probably like to know that the hats were originally priced at £12 before being reduced to £10, and then further again.

There are SO many other things we would rather buy with £12 than that hat. 24 Freddos to name one.

So what have we learnt?

Don’t put anything past UKIP, they never fail to surprise. And also, copyright everything. Ever.


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